Reimagining San Miguel de Allende as a Sustainable Community

What We Do

We understand our work to be based on educational projects which will involve collaboration with other groups working for the same goals. We are looking for people who want to work together to build a deeper sense of community that includes people of all social backgrounds, but with a focus on those most left out of educational opportunities as they currently exist.

The Education Collaborative began with a collaboration between El Sindicato Cultural Comunitario and the Center for Global Justice and it has been growing to...

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About the Environmental Agenda Series

This series of bi-lingual discussions is based on the Agenda Ambiental 2018, developed by the University Seminar on Society, the Environment & Institutions (SUSMAI) at the UNAM. The Agenda outlines the most urgent socio-environmental issues facing all of us today. Each program will examine one of the agenda items and how it affects our region. Why do we need an environmental agenda? What are we doing? What should we do? What kind of educational projects could help us build a sustainable community?

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Co-creating a Collaborative Platform

To complement face-to-face community dialogs and activities, we are exploring the creation of an online collaborative platform integrated in two areas--education and media. And, we are actively seeking people who would like to participate in such an effort. Such a platform could:

  • offer a space to share stories, concerns and experiences

  • help connect people with similar interests through interactive discussion groups...

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