CBTis #60 School Project

In May 2017, Caminos de Agua completed a 3-week educational module with 90 students at CBTis #60 high school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The students learned about regional water quality and access issues and the basic concepts of harvesting, storing, and treating rainwater. The students put this knowledge into action and worked closely with the Caminos team to build a 12,000-liter capacity rainwater harvesting cistern. Several water treatment systems were also built, which will be monitored and tested by the students throughout 2017. The treatment systems built include a slow-sand biofilter, and a chlorine and biochar treatment system, both with a capacity of 300 liters/day. A third and final system consisted of three of Caminos de Agua's ceramic water filters, each with a capacity of 24 liters/day. The project was carried out in partnership with Lloyd's of London, El Maíz Más Pequeño A.C., and UCL Engineering.