Reimagining San Miguel de Allende as a Sustainable Community

As part of its project of "Reimagining San Miguel," the Education Collaborative is organizing bi-lingual discussions based on the Agenda Ambiental 2018, developed by the University Seminar on Society, the Environment & Institutions (SUSMAI) at the UNAM. The Agenda outlines the most urgent socio-environmental issues facing all of us today. Each program examines one of the agenda items and how it affects our region. Why do we need an environmental agenda? What are we doing? What should we do? What kind of educational projects could help us build a sustainable community?

The goals of The Environmental Agenda 2018 include:

  • To place socio-environmental issues at the center of the public agenda
  • To promote citizen participation
  • To promote the production of pertinent, reliable, transparent and accessible information about the state of ecosystems and natural resources, and the socio-environmental impact of production methods, mega-projects and public policy.
  • To promote the integral management of environmental issues across public agencies.
  • To promote environmental justice