Education for Life

“The modern revolution in learning… Teaching is no longer seen as imparting and doing things to the student, but is redefined as facilitation of self-directed learning. ...In the old model, the teacher is principally responsible for student learning. In the new model, the primary responsibility rests with the self-directing learner; and only secondarily with the facilitator.” –  from The Complete Facilitator's Handbook

Education resources

Agile Learning Centers
C.A.S.A. Latina
C.A.S.A. Mexico
Cidici-Unitierra Chiapas
Community Tool Box
Comunidad de Aprendizaje Autodirigido CAAD
Cooperative New School for Urban Studies & Environmental Justice
Creando Futuro
dialogos comunitarios
El Cambalache
El Charco del Ingenio
El Sindicato. Centro Cultural Comunitario
Estación BuenVivir
Fundación de Apoyo Infantil
Fundación Hogar del Empleado - educación + ecosocial
Global Campaign for Education
Global Tapestry of Alternatives
Global University for Sustainability
Grassroots Economic Organizing
Mexican Center on Environmental Law
New Comienzos
New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
Ojala Niños
Otros Mundos
Red de Educación y Economía Social y Solidaria
Rotary Midday
The Center for Global Justice
The Green School Bali
The Next System Project
Transition Network
Unitierra - Oaxaca
Universidad del Medio Ambiente
University for International Cooperation
Via Organica